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Excerpt Quotes
from the Documentary

“There’s never been a commission that has had as much success in achieving its objectives and really making a difference, as the 9-11 Commission.”
John Lehman (9-11 Commission Member)

“Tom appointed more minority judges then all the governors in New Jersey history, put together. Tom very much wanted to be a governor for all the people and wanted to reach out.  I think he coined the phrase, at that point, politics of inclusion.”
Leonard Coleman (Kean Cabinet Member)

“That eight years was as good a run in government public services as any one.  We did more, accomplished more, and had a sense of satisfaction…it was just one of those golden years.  It was amazing.”
W. Cary Edwards (Frmr. NJ Attorney General)

“He built up loyalty to the [9-11] Commission, rather than to ‘I’m a democrat commission’.”
Alvin Felzenberg, Ph.D. (Author, Governor Tom Kean)





A fascinating film that reveals a man who achieved great success in politically charged environments.