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Tom Kean:
The Politics of Possibility

“In 20 years in and out of Washington, I’ve never seen anything like Governor Kean.”
Philip Shenon (Reporter, The New York Times)

“Tom’s very patient and he really works hard at understanding the other person’s point of view and asking himself, how can we reach an agreement?  Those are really fundamental political skills that he possesses in an extraordinary way and clearly marked the path of success for the Commission.”
Lee Hamilton (Co-Chair, 9-11 Commission)

“He was an agenda setting governor, who came up with strategies, some of them new.  And then he was very good at persuading half the people from New Jersey to do things the way he wanted it done.”
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee)

“He made politics a positive thing and … a thing that would affect people’s lives in an in-depth way. .”
Greg Stevens (Governor Kean’s Chief of Staff)

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